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Food Revolution

In my last post, I mentioned that Chef Jamie Oliver is a passionate advocate for living a healthy lifestyle. If you have never seen what he says about the obesity epidemic then I invite you to view it here. He shines the spotlight on the disturbing trends our society have today in terms of how much we eat, what we eat and the lack of education we are providing to our children. It’s very impactful.


Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution

I am on a journey to eat healthier, to get stronger and I am always reading articles and watching videos that relate to these interests. With years of failed dieting and consistent weight gain, I have known all too well the impact that food has played in my life and how it has affected my overall health.

Today I just wanted to say that we need to start paying better attention to the foods we eat. If we don’t, then I can foresee that food will be the instrument of our destruction. Yes, doom and gloom. I know. But think about it. Our population is exploding and nature is always striving to find a balance in life. There are countless shows and movies out there about plagues and contagions but what if the thing that does us in is the thing that we trust and find comfort in the most? Crazy. And we will probably never see it coming.

So many of us eat an over abundance of processed foods (or food-like options), fast foods and chemicals that we have changed forever the expectations we have of our meals. It has to taste great. It has to make us groan with contentment. It has to give us pleasure and comfort with every meal. Food is our drug of choice and it’s glamorized on TV and in magazines everywhere. It’s the star of any get together and the thing that people rely on when times get tough. It is the essence of our society.


So we eat food-like things, we eat way too much of them, we are addicted to sugar … and it’s a rollar coaster we need to get off of. Diets don’t address this problem because they are just quick fixes before we go back to ‘regular eating’. It’s the food itself that is the issue.

It’s time for a food revolution. Seriously. It’s time.

If we are going to truly make a change for the better, we need to address all of the following:

  1. Sugar Addictions (watch Jamie Oliver’s TV show on sugar – it’s a great snapshot of how sugar is poisoning us)
  2. Food Labeling: We need to make big companies be responsible for accurately labelling the foods they sell
  3. Stopping the Production of Processed Foods: Convenience can’t be king anymore folks – sorry. Processed foods have hardly any nutrients and contain far more chemicals than anything else. Time to go back to cooking with whole foods!
  4. Educating Ourselves and Our Kids: This means taking cooking classes, teaching our kids about food basics and meal prep so that they can take these important life skills with them. This alone will allow them to live longer and healthier lives.
  5. Focus on Lifestyle not on Diet: We as a society need to focus on eating to nourish our bodies, not punish them. By changing our approach to food, advocating mindful eating and throwing out the ideal of being skinny – I know this could happen. It’s just a matter of whether we care enough to change.

So that is my rant for the day and I hope – if any of this strikes a chord – that you will start implementing some of these steps in your own life today.






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