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The Skinny on CLA

I have never believed in magic pills or shakes or overall magic fixes that take the place of good nutrition and an active lifestyle. I do believe that good nutrition and consistent workouts are elements which form the cornerstone of your healthy regimen, helping to achieve a healthy weight and maintain it over time.


As many of you know, I completely changed my life a few years ago and adopted a healthier approach to both food and physical activity. I worked hard for the body I achieved and I continue to do so. It’s not easy but it’s an investment I am more than willing to make.

As a big fan of quality supplements I have been taking them regularly for the last two years. A few months ago, I started getting my products from a company that also offered a very interesting supplement called Trim which was touted as being the answer to getting rid of stubborn fat and I was intrigued. Skeptical, but intrigued.

Trim features a clinical dose of CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) and is one of the two fatty acids that help the body increase metabolic rates, boost our immune system and keep cholesterol levels in check. When combined with a healthy diet and exercise CLA has been proven to not only reduce body fat but also increase muscle strength and exercise endurance. CLA cannot be produced by the human body (hence the reason for supplements) and its benefits go beyond what I have listed here.

I also get that you don’t want to take my word for it so read more about CLA in this article. It definitely convinced me to give it a try and see what my results would be. All I had to do was take 1 tbsp a day and that was it. Seemed pretty simple.

I started taking Trim just over 3 weeks ago and before I started, I took measurements so that I could track progress. I was still dubious my friends but I was game! I have stubborn pockets of belly fat at my waist that are stubbornly hanging around and I admit, I want them gone.

Results so far: After only 10 days I started to see a distinct difference in my waistline. For the first time since I was in my teens, I had a practically SMOOTH belly. I didn’t trust my eyes so I measured and sure enough I had lost 2″ off my waist and another 1″ off my hips. In only 10 days!! Since then I have lost another 1″ so I am now down 3″ on my waist and I can visibly see the difference!

Umm hello practically smooth belly! I haven’t seen you since I was in my teens!

So, despite being dubious I have to say I am impressed by this product Trim! It’s a one of a kind product that  is the ONLY CLA supplement to also add collagen to the mix in order to plump up skin, strengthen hair & nails and nourish your body from the inside out. The collagen is important as when we lose fat, it keeps your skin from sagging and wrinkling. This is important not just with fat loss, but with weight loss in general.

I do want to add a caveat here: Trim is going to help augment your progress as you eat sensibly and workout. It’s not meant to take the place of healthy eating or exercising. It’s a supplement that can enhance your healthy lifestyle choices and can be used in conjunction with different diets and plans.

Want more information? Hit me up! I would be happy to share more of my results and help you put this amazing supplement to work for you!

Note: I have included the link to the US website for Trim however we Canadians have a different site. Send me a message and I can direct you so you can get this great product too.


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