Living your Healthiest Life

Welcome to my Fit, Fabulous Life – a journey that started, in earnest, two years ago when I decided that it was time to get healthy and strong.

After living a life based on endless serial dieting, this was a tough mind shift to make for me. I basically threw out all I knew about standard dieting and embarked on a journey that focused more on overall health than on losing pounds.

I knew I was obese, unhealthy and at risk for bigger health issues. I knew I had to make some radical changes so that I could be around for my family long term and also so I could make the most of the time we had together. So, I bravely decided to throw caution to the winds and go for it.

In my blog, I share with you the things I have learned along the way and the results I have achieved. I truly believe that everyone is capable or achieving the same results as I have – it just means committing to live a lifestyle that nourishes you from the inside out and which challenges you to get physically active on a regular basis.

In fact, I am so passionate about living a healthy lifestyle that I became an online health and wellness entrepreneur! I love that I get to help others improve their health and overall wellbeing. I would love to help you, so contact me today and let’s get started!